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Rapid damage repair
is our core competency.

Extensive range of services

Project management and consulting included

Rotterdam Ship Repair stands for Full Care Services. Our spectrum covers all services in excellent quality craftsmanship. What particularly distinguishes our company is the takeover of the complete project management. You won’t have to take care of anything. We ensure the fast, needs-based and smooth completion of all repair tasks. 

Our primary goal is to get you back on course in the shortest possible time!

Excerpt from our portfolio

Damage repairs of all kinds

No limits
Damages to the ship hull, propulsion system or other systems unfortunately always occur unexpectedly. Our core task is to repair everything quickly. From tugs to frigates, from small fishing trawlers to Panmax class ships, from light damage to the outer shell to serious accidents, from rebuilding your entire control house and the deck reinforcement to renovating your interior.

Rotterdam Ship Repair is your partner who has the necessary competences for all aspects of such situations. In particular, if special procedures for the repair have to be worked out in cooperation with the manufacturers, suppliers or subcontractors, or if temporary repairs are selected for a quick continuation of the journey.

Our mobile units are always available to take care of your ship: in the harbor – for example, during cargo handling – or on the high seas. From our large network of partners, the required qualifications and the necessary workforce are always at our disposal. As a result, Rotterdam Ship Repair is also able to repair major damage after collisions, water ingress and fires in no time. Thanks to its long-standing, technically advanced work, Rotterdam Ship Repair enjoys a high level of trust among insurers and classification societies.


We get fired up for steel
Welding is not only the prerequisite for safety but also versatile craftsmanship – and sometimes a genuine art. The high safety requirements necessitate even higher quality requirements. Our specialists are masters of their field and have plenty of experience and know-how – as well as the best marks in regular certifications by authorities and classification societies.

The variety of connections between different steels corresponds to the number of welding processes we perform.

Our steel repairs include:

  • Prefabrication and installation of special steel constructions
    • Ship structure
    • Superstructure
  • De-/Mobilisation cargo securing
  • Deck equipment
    • Hatch cover
    • Ramps
  • Tanks 
  • Stevedore damages
  • Gangways

Engines & Mechanical Equipment

We get everything back up and running

Main propulsion engines and systems for auxiliary power supply
We have extensive experience and competence in the maintenance and repair of marine propulsion systems. Our expertise includes main propulsion engines and systems for auxiliary power supply. We specialize in 32, 38 and 46 Wärtsilä engines and have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools for fault detection, analysis, overhaul, automation and on-site repair. We are also familiar with engines from MaK, MAN and Bergen.

In addition, when it comes to motors, we also have the support of MWB Marine Services within our Excellence partner network. This company repairs, overhauls and modernizes all 2- and 4-stroke engines, radiators, turbochargers, transmissions and injection systems. Furthermore, the engine technology experts install new diesel and gas engines and undertake LNG upgrades.

Mechanical equipment and components
Whatever is necessary for a repair in mechanical engineering terms – we carry it out.
Our range includes inter alia:

  • Rudders, propellers and drive shafts (outer shaft sealing renewal afloat)
  • Bow and stern thrusters
  • Winches (Voyage repair)
  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic units and hydraulic cylinders 
  • Valves: Overhaul of PV-, safety-, boiler-/economizer valves and pressure testing
  • Turbochargers 
  • Charge air coolers
  • Gear systems/gear boxes

Electrical & Electronic Systems

We keep control and an overview
Rotterdam Ship Repair provides technical support and comprehensive services for your electrical and electronic equipment and installations on board. Whether it concerns the installation or renovation of your entire electrical installation, making corrections due to changed regulations, or troubleshooting and repair problems: Our highly qualified service and electrical engineers are real problem-solvers.

Our electro-technical services include:

  • Assistance for power management systems
  • DEIF systems
  • Frequency converters
  • Electric motors (overhaul and rewinding)
  • Generators and load tests of generators
  • Main switchboards
  • Navigation and bridge systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Maintenance of air circuit breakers
  • Insulation measurements (megaohm inspections)

Pipelines & Fuel Systems

We solve your problem wherever you are
As a specialist for the repair of pipelines and fuel systems, our Excellence partner German Ship Repair is always ready to assist. All repairs are carried out during your travel or docking time in the port. The refining process can be completed in the shortest possible time.

Conversion and repair of pipeline systems:

  • Ballast water
  • Fuel
  • Steam
  • Hydraulic
  • Hot and cold water
  • Finishing processes: galvanizing, phosphating, etc.

Maintenance of SOLAS equipment

For your safety
Rotterdam Ship Repair assists you in the annual inspection and maintenance of your SOLAS equipment and takes care of the necessary repairs or replacement.

Further services & facilitiesSpare parts logistics, storage, maintenance, retrofit

Our experienced employees have the know-how and the equipment to carry out repairs, maintenance and retrofits of all kinds.

Capacities and network:

  • Modern and excellently equipped workshop at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam
  • Warehouses in Waalhaven-Rotterdam:For our regular customers, we offer a warehouse service. If your ship is still at sea or on the way to the port, we will store your equipment and installations until your arrival. If possible, our engineers will carry out the necessary repairs in our workshop and then install the repaired components and systems completely on board upon arrival.
  • Spare Parts Logistics:
    • We procure your spare parts in Rotterdam within 24 hours. So you do not waste any time and the parts you need are there when you arrive at the port.
  • Part of the Excellence Partner Network of shipyards and specialist companies in Rotterdam and Bremerhaven

Together with our competent partners in Bremerhaven, Germany, we install modern and innovative components and systems, improve the operational properties and exceed the prescribed environmental requirements. At present, the focus is on retrofitting with modern flue gas scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems and the conversion to alternative fuel concepts. We are deeply committed to reconstruction projects for LNG propulsion systems and are following the development of LNG-drive technology.

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