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Engine Repair

Our specialized diesel engineers are welcomed on board of a very wide range of ships.

Whether it concerns corrective maintenance by replacing critical parts after a breakdown or a planned overhaul of the engine during a vessel stop.

Things don’t get out of hand easily for the diesel engineers at Rotterdam Engine Repair – they can travel with ships all over the world to carry out their work during the voyage. An example of this are the container shipping companies that let our team come on board in Northern Europe, after which we leave the ship in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, several engines have been overhauled according to the applicable standards.


Our team has extended knowledge of 2-and 4-stroke specialists – from the smallest bores to the largest. And yes, occasionally we also service outboard engines.

But stationary diesel engines are also maintained by our company. For example, we work for a major supplier of firefighting solutions which has our team carry out scheduled maintenance on diesel-driven fire pumps.

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